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Editor: Jim Rickards
Art Editor: Nick Dellanno
Web Development: Matt Chugg

FindYourCornwall launched on April 9th 2011, but it will always be a work in progress. As a platform for sharing local knowledge, its success is down to the many talented people who contribute to the project and the people who use it.

Editorial Contibutors


Area Editor: Tanith Williams

Tanith is 21 years old and lives in South-East Cornwall. She was born in a little hamlet just outside of Callington (her family still lives in the same house) and she considers herself Cornish through and through. She studied History at Bath Spa University, graduating in 2010 with a 2.1. She is fascinated by local history and the English language, both of which inform her perceptive writing about the Callington area.

The Inside View

Mavis Honour has lived in or around Callington all her life. She has seen the town grow and change hugely over the years.


Area Editor: Sinead Hanks

Sinead Hanks was brought up with seven siblings in a rambling house overlooking the sea in Fowey (‘rambling’ to the point that her dad wouldn't mend the gaping hole in the stairs as he said it was the perfect burglar trap). Being brought up in Cornwall meant that as an urgently impatient teenager she was desperate to leave, lured by the bright lights of the city (but not Plymouth). Sinead has spent several years repenting at leisure. After a degree in the highly vocational course of Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford, she worked for various charities in London, including the Big Issue, the Prison Reform Trust and UnLtd. Having acquired a husband and two year old along the way, she will be moving back to Fowey in May. Sinead is keeping her fingers crossed that her daughter will get over her fear of sand, or she will be put on the first train back to London.

Looe & Polperro

Area Editor: Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards isn’t Cornish, but his wife is, so he’s hoping to earn honorary membership within the next 40 years. He lives in Looe and makes it to Polperro most Sundays via the coast path. He calls it ‘running’, others call it ‘walking slightly faster than normal and panting heavily’. Sometimes when people meet him on the path, they ask if he’s all right. In another life he was fiction editor at HarperCollins, and a sub at the BBC.

The Inside View

Paul Greenwood was born and bred in Talland Bay, slap bang in the middle of Looe & Polperro, so he’s always had divided loyalties. A fisherman for more than 40 years, he now writes about his experiences in the industry and is the author of the widely acclaimed Once Aboard a Cornish Lugger

Video: Billy & Joe Rickards, Gene Bautista, Tony Dyson (Looe Community School) Photo and art galleries by: Charlotte Jones, Joe Rickards (Looe Community School)

Other sections

All other sections of the site are currently overseen by the FindYourCornwall team, but we’re always looking for area editors, writers, photographers and inside views from people of all ages. To contribute get in touch here:

[email protected] or call 01503 208 203

Photography Contributors

Richard Lawrence has provided many of the photographs on this site, particularly of the Looe and Polperro areas. Prints of his wonderful Cornish photography are available for sale at his website. He is also a very talented wedding photographer. For more information visit:

Nicholas Dellanno has contributed numerous photos for the Looe, Polperro, and Beach Guide sections.

Various photographers’ work may appear across the site and will be credited in situ.