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Fowey & Polruan

Editor’s View

Sinead Hanks

Fowey & Polruan Editor: Sinead Hanks
Contact: [email protected]

Every March, I used to gaze out my London office, watching spring struggle and splutter to life as the sun chases the last memories of winter away. Then I would start plotting my escape to Fowey. This year, I decided to make the escape permanent...

Nestled on the south coast, a handy half way between Plymouth and Penzance, this vibrant 2,000 strong town is a jewel in Cornwall�s crown. Highlight of the year is August�s Regatta Week which boasts a Giant Pasty, a Carnival and the Red Arrows fly by over the valley. Oh yes, and some sailing. The small yet popular Daphne Du Maurier Literary Festival in May also features comedy and music. And there�s always the Eden Project, only three miles away.

In the summer months, you can swim off Readymoney or Whitehouse, or if you�re feeling energetic get the ferry to Polruan (the deadly rival) and hike to Lantic Bay (it�s worth it). Walk over to Polkerrris, and you can refresh yourself in the Rashleigh, whilst the Hall Walk between Polruan and Bodinnick ends up in the gorgeous Old Ferry Inn.

Talking of pubs, the Galleon and King of Prussia can be found on the Town Quay overlooking the river, the Ship is home to a ghost who only targets men with beards (shave before you go) while the Safe Harbour is considered the �out of town� option (even though it�s only a 5 min walk away). All of these offer accommodation.

For the best fresh (and sustainable) fish in town, head to The Other Place, just opposite the Albert Quay. Sam�s is great for burgers and a quick bite, whilst all the pubs serve food (but be warned � they stop serving around 8pm).

It�s a magical place you won�t forget in a hurry. Before you know it, you�ll be plotting your escape there, too.

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Inside View

I love living in Fowey because it�s not too busy. When I look outside my bedroom window there are beautiful fields and trees. I play with my friends at the park and I ride my bike there too. I think Fowey is a very safe place � all of the people that live here are nice and friendly.

In the summer when it�s my Birthday we have a Carnival and it�s really good fun. Lots of people come to watch. You can dress up and go in it if you want to.

The beaches in Fowey are nice and sunny. You can sunbathe and swim in the sea. You can build sand castles and make a big massive boat out of sand. You can climb on the rocks and see if you can catch any fishes in the rock pools. We have lovely sand on our beach and an ice-cream van.

We have lots of shops in Fowey and you can buy lots of different things. My favourite is the fudge shop. There are lots of places you can buy fish and chips from and lots of pubs where you can buy a drink if you like.

The harbour has lots of boats in the summer, it is very beautiful and the water is very sparkly. On the Quay you can catch a ferry over to Polruan where my nanny lives.

You can go on lots of lovely walks in Fowey, even if it is raining. I love to jump in puddles and pick blackberries when I go out walking.

I have lived in Fowey since I was born. I love living here. It is nice and pretty. I am a very lucky girl.

by Peyton Rose Fullwood, Age 7

Inside info on Peyton Rose Fullwood

Age: 7 years & 8 months
Loves: Hannah Montana, playing DS and Wii Games, drawing and painting!
Favourite Colour: purple
Favourite Pet: Tabby Cat named 'Rocky'
Favourite Subject: Maths.
Special Recent Event: Having my tonsils out and being Nana Jen�s Bridesmaid.
Favourite Football Team: Sheffield United!

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  • Picnic at Readymoney cove and watch the boats in the estuary
  • Head inland to Lerryn woods and walk along the water�s edge
  • Browse the many art galleries and shops in the main town.

Fowey Regatta Week

14th – 20th August

A week of water based frolicks and fun from crab catching and spotting the stranger to the cutting of the giant pasty and fly-bys from the Red Arrows�